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Who Are We?

We specialize in supply chain management of agricultural commodity such as
maize, Live and Frozen Poultry & Meats, Eggs, Dairy Products, Animal Feeds, Vegetables, Fresh and Dried Fruits.

Ligwe Food Supplies

The Pretoria based Level 1 BBBEE trading company specializes in supply chain management of agricultural commodities such as Frozen Poultry, Meats, Eggs, Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fresh and Dried Fruits.

Ligwe has strategically located networks of cold warehouses, processing and logistics facilities. Ligwe is part of the AGOA chicken legibility program that allows for importation of American chicken products duty free into South Africa.

Our Services

When dealing with Ligwe, clients are guaranteed to receive the benefit of the many years of experience, vast networks of operations in countries of the region.
We are passionate about supplying top quality meat to health conscious individuals who care as much about the humane treatment of animals and traceability of their food as we do.
We offer a wide gamut of fresh vegetables which include Tomatoes, Lettuces, Beans, Pumpkin, Chilli Peppers, Lemons, Cauliflower, Spinach, Carrot, Onion, Potatoes, Broccoli, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Beetroot, Celery and many more.
Dry Goods
Most dry goods are non-perishable, although some might lose their texture or flavor over time. Pasta, oatmeal and rice have a long shelf life and make filling meals when prepared.
Canned Goods
Even meats such as fish, chicken, beef or devilled ham come in cans. Vegetables are commonly found in cans;

We are motivated by our successes to work harder and stay ahead of the industry, counting on our proud employees, sustainable lines of businesses, diverse client base, quality products, services and cooperation.